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Why Do I Need a Different Website for My Mobile Website Visitors?

Designing a website to produce optimum results from your website traffic means taking full advantage of the screen size and resolution your target customers are likely to have. This means that you will need to design a website that displays optimally on both large LCD monitors and mobile smart phone displays.

Most websites have the same purpose or goal…drive visitors to take some action whether that is to submit a form, make a phone call, or buy a product. The difference is how that website is designed for the medium it is being viewed on. The rise of the mobile world has drastically changed the approach to website design. A standard website that is designed for a 17-inch monitor needs to have a high level of graphic design, including high quality images, strong background, clear navigation, integrated with website conversion principles. While this design will work very well on a computer monitor, the same design will be far too difficult to view on a mobile phone display because the wording will be too small to read and will require too much scrolling when zoomed in on.

A website designed for a mobile smart phone display, on the other hand, will use the same website conversion principles as the standard website, but will require a different style of web design to make it as easy for the user to read the content and take action on the offer. Essentially, your mobile website will be a version of your main website, optimized to drive visitors' actions while viewing your site on their smart phone.

Entrepreneur Fuel can design a great looking mobile website for your business! We can start from scratch if you do not already have a standard website. Or we can match the branding, look, and feel of your current standard website to create a beautiful looking mobile optimized website.  The end result will always be that we make mobile websites and apps so that others can easily become a customer or client of your business from their mobile device.

By 2013, more people will access the Internet from a mobile device than a desktop or laptop computer. Your business needs a mobile website to reach them. More people equals more sales!

Do your competitors have a mobile website? If not, this might be a fantastic way to set your business apart from the local marketplace. Heck, we'll help your outrank your competitors on Google and your business will rocket forward to become the leader in your industry! And if your competitors already have mobile websites…well then, isn't it about time you caught up?

You can run promotions, discounts, coupons, and even make appointments and sales from your new mobile home on the Internet.

So contact us today at 734-922-28809 or email us to get your affordable mobile website.

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