Local Online Advertising

Losing Customers to Your Local Competitors? 

They are out there right now, searching for your specific products and services. Local customers have already qualified themselves simply by searching for your related keywords. Will your business be found?

Step One: Targeting the right keywords. Don't just guess what your market is searching for online. Our services will show you exactly what search terms are being used to describe your various products and services. This data will be pulled directly from Google on what exact keywords are currently being used for your specific industry and how many times these keywords are being searched for each month. 

Step Two: Understanding the three main ways to appear on Google:

Free Listings (organic search results). While this service takes longer than sponsored listings, it is by far the better investment in the long run. Roughly 85% of all search engine traffic is through the non-sponsored listings. To appear here, your website needs to be properly optimized AND complimented with inbound links from other website (which is the real key to ranking at the top). The more inbound links you add, the quicker the results will be and the better your chances are of ranking at the top of the major search engines.

Local Map Listings (Google Places or Google+ Local). Google is now mixing in these “local” listings within their free (non-sponsored) listings. We'll help you get listed within this very important portion of Google. And if you are already listed, we'll provide efforts to improve your rankings.

Sponsored Listings (Google AdWords, paid listings, pay-per-click). This service offers instant results and can put your business on the first page of Google within a matter of days. We'll assist you in setting up a new account or improving the one you already have. We will provide geographic targeting, creating your ads and setting a monthly budget that you can adjust at any time.

Step Three: Time to get started! Please note that besides our affordable local SEO services, we also provide and recommend a wide range of other internet marketing related services such as: website design/redesigns, social media marketing, video marketing, lead generation and much more.

Entrepreneur Fuel specializes in providing local online advertising and local SEO services. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is the technique of improving visibility of your website and other pages through search engines like Google™, Yahoo!™ and Bing™.

While our state-of-the-art technologies and processes focus on establishing your business presence in local and mobile searches, our cclients often see an increase in natural ranking of their websites and/or business profiles.

What separates our local online advertising and SEO company from other companies providing similar services:

  • Superior customer support. Your calls and emails are answered or returned in 24 hours or less.
  • Completive pricing (one price that meets your SEO needs).
  • Even if you have have a small advertising budget, we will find the way for you to benefit from our local SEO services.

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