Lead Generation

The ability to generate customer leads is the cornerstone of any local business. And for that business to continue to be successful, those leads need to be both highly-targeted and easily convertible into paying customers.

At Entrepreneur Fuel, we understand that while phone calls, emails and form submissions are great, ultimately local businesses are really looking for new appointments, reservations, clients, customers, etc. And that’s exactly what our local lead generation services are designed to do…get customers on the phone and in the door.

Effective Local Lead Generation Involves Getting Your Business Noticed Everywhere

Marketing your business is about being everywhere your customers are looking for your services. It’s about spreading the brand of your company across different platforms and mediums so you’ll never miss the opportunity to generate a local lead. As such, we don’t just rely on one area for our local lead generation efforts. We use both online and offline tactics to make sure your business is noticed by consumers.

As a small business, you ideally want as many leads as possible coming into your business. These leads could come from anywhere – via phone, website, email, affiliate partners, and more. Having a lot of leads is a good thing, but you will need an efficient way to manage them if you’re to truly take advantage of them and make sure you’re not wasting money on marketing campaigns that aren’t working.

Entrepreneur Fuel’s lead aggregation allows us to keep track of and manage all of your leads for you. Our system is able to track and identify where your leads are coming from, and, in turn, gauge the efficacy of those lead sources. This knowledge helps us determine if the leads – and their sources – are truly working in your favor. Based on this information we’re able to adjust your lead generating programs accordingly, resulting in optimized marketing campaigns that deliver true ROI.

Entrepreneur Fuel's Paid Lead Aggregation

Entrepreneur Fuel’s lead aggregation services monitor all of your incoming leads from all sources to get an accurate view of which marketing campaigns are working best. By doing this we know exactly where a lead is coming from, which gives us an excellent idea of how and why they selected your business. If we find that something is not working as well as it should be we can make immediate adjustments to optimize the campaign so it delivers the highest possible ROI.

Our lead aggregation services monitor incoming leads from:

  • Search engine campaigns (both natural and Pay-Per-Click)
  • Telephone/Mobile
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Website (including online form submissions)
  • Direct mail marketing

Collecting your leads can be a time-consuming task. And once you collect those leads, you need to understand how to interpret them. Entrepreneur Fuel takes all of that out of your hands with our comprehensive, accurate lead aggregation services.

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